Book Review – Finding My Virginity

Finding My Virginity by Richard Branson (Virgin Books) ISBN 9780753556122

Richard Branson certainly writes an engaging memoir, sprinkled with humour.

It encompasses his many and various business business involvements such as Virgin Airlines, British Rail, Virgin Active Gym Club, and Virgin Money. He also describes the adversity he has encountered. He did all this with the intention of giving better customer service and doing something different.

The latest exciting venture is Virgin Galactic where they launch satellites and their future plan is to allow the public to experience outer space.

Along the way, Richard Branson has supported young entrepreneurs with funds and encouragement. He has met with presidents and exchanged valuable ideas. Branson’s wife, Joan has supported him through all of his adventures over the years. He has a daughter and a son and four grandchildren, all of whom are very important to him.

This enjoyable memoir spans over fifty years, and includes all of his dangerous escapades.

Dawn Blankfield

Finding My Virginity by Richard Branson (Ebury) ISBN 9780753556122

The original Virgin, Richard Branson, has done it again! Following his intriguing first memoir written 20 years ago, Losing My Virginity, he has gone above and beyond in his follow up offering – Finding My Virginity.

The unique maverick has won our favour globally for his cheeky, adventurous, ambitious and diverse business endeavours. The one thing they all have in common is a love for putting people first – whether it is staff or customers. The Virgin brand is the strongest it has been, and even when disaster struck, as it does in life and business, the way it was handled brought people together and actually strengthened the brand.

From magazines to music stores, airlines to mobile phones, space travel for tourists, railways, cruiseliners and banking, the Virgin brand is as diverse as can be. However, the honest, heartfelt, authentic leadership of Richard Branson pulls a common thread through all the brands: love.

Branson is also a family man and risk taker at the same time, which has its own complexities. However, after listing his near-death experiences at the end of the book it is clear he’s a cat with nine lives and he lives each one to the brim.

Finding My Virginity is a delightful read. Highly recommended.

Amanda Blankfield-Koseff