Book Review – Delilah Now Trending

by Pamela Power (Penguin) ISBN 978-1-48590-365-9

School is a dangerous place with a mix of hormones, homework and hours spent on social media.

Delilah is perched on the edge of her seat, ready to watch her daughter, Daisy, be named head girl. She is shocked when her daughter isn’t made head girl and even more shocked to hear she is accused of seriously hurting her classmate. Add social media, school WhatsApp groups, work disasters, and a useless ex-husband.

Pamela Powers is funny and entertaining. The book is fast paced and intriguing. The jokes keep coming, everything from the EFF and lady gardens and what happens when you have too much wine on a date.

This is a fun, easy read that keeps you guessing. Great for beach reading and queueing.

Mia Botha

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