Book Review – City Of Circles

City Of Circles by Jess Richards (Sceptre) ISBN: 978-1-473-65669-7

Danu was raised in the Circus, and when her parents die, she sells all their possession to pay for the funeral. The only thing she keeps is her mother’s locket.

Danu asks Morrie to teach her how to balance on the wire and the pair begin a high-wire act together. The circus travels to the town where Danu was born. She falls in love with the magical city and opens the locket for the first time. What she finds sets her on a new path.

I loved this book, but especially the city of Matryoshka. Fans of the Night Circus will enjoy the wondrous whimsy of a rotating city. I liked Danu, but I liked Morrie even more. I usually don’t enjoy books where the protagonist spends long stretches on their own, but it is engaging and still moves forward.

It is a glorious tale of a traveller’ life, embedded with secrets of the circus, questions about love and being loved, and the hardships of growing up without your parents.

Mia Botha

Posted on: 28th November 2017