Book Review – Cancer: A Love Story

Cancer: A Love Story by Lauren Segal (MF Books) ISBN 9781920601881

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is scary for anyone. Getting one in your twenties is worse. But having four separate cancers before the age of 50 is a real ‘kick in the face’.

Lauren Segal decided to share her story about how she felt when first hearing the diagnosis to how she used the experience as a way of forming closer bonds with friends and family as she explored her own fears, strengths, unresolved childhood issues, and phobias.

Lauren also admits that she is privileged to have had the financial and human resources at her disposal, to which the majority of citizens in our country do not have access. She is now assisting organisations involved in early detection as one example of how she has decided to give back.

This honest and realistic account will help you to understand how anyone with cancer may feel, and it will assist you if you have had the diagnosis. It was not as heavy as I expected it to be, and Lauren’s bubbly personality shines through in her writing style.

Amanda Blankfield-Koseff