Book Review – All Of Us And Everything

by Bridget Asher (Bantam Books) ISBN: 978-1-7823994-2-1

This family puts the fun in dysfunctional. This is the tale of three sisters, raised by their formidable mother, Augusta Rockwell. The sisters were taught to conduct thunder storms and to not ask questions about their father.

The adult sisters return home, something none of them had ever planned to do again, as their lives fall apart for various reasons, think adultery, writers block, and squatting. They are confronted with a box of letters, which has been washed up and unearthed by Hurricane Katarina. The letters give them clues to the identity of their father.

This book is easy and fun to read. I laughed out loud and almost wish I could join the Rockwells for a cup of tea. But what do you expect from a book with an opening line that reads: “I didn’t know you were supposed to shave collies.”

Mia Botha

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