Book Review – A Mind At Home With Itself

A Mind At Home With Itself by Bryon Katie (Ebury Publishing) ISBN: 9781846045349

A Mind At Home With Itself offers insights into the nature of the mind and guides the reader to find freedom from painful thoughts. Author Byron Katie, who herself reconstructed her life after reaching rock bottom, delves into emotions such as sadness, anger and resentment. When we learn to question our thoughts, she believes, they tend to lose their power over us and our lives.

Throughout the book, Katie uses personal and honest accounts from her own life to illuminate the principles of her work. She certainly has a unique way of looking at the world around us, and she encourages us all to look at our losses and set backs with a different lens.

Bryon Katie is a well-known speaker and teacher, and the author of three bestselling books. As Time magazine says, she is ‘a spiritual innovator for the new millennium’. Well worth a read.

Anthony Ehlers

Posted on: 27th November 2017