Book Review – A Huddle Of Hippos

by Julia Richman (Burnet Media) ISBN 9781928230434

This book is a gem that will delight children and adults alike with its use of rare collective nouns for animals found on the African continent.

Collective nouns? Now how can that be fun or entertaining I hear you ask. That’s what I thought until I started reading further and I couldn’t believe that I got to this stage of my life without ever having heard some of these vivid and descriptive collective nouns. For example, as the book title suggests, a group of hippos is correctly referred to as a ‘huddle’ of hippos. A ‘pride’ of lions is one we’ve heard of frequently, but have you heard of an ‘orchestra’ of crickets or a ‘dazzle’ of zebra?  No?  Well this is just the beginning!

This is a soft cover book with large readable font and colourful vibrant pictures. There is also a ladybird that one has to look out for on every page which makes for fun interactive play.

A Huddle of Hippos is appropriate for children of all ages. Due to its originality and educational value, this book gets nothing less than full marks from me. 

Ashleigh Seton-Rogers

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Posted on: 6th August 2017