Book Review – A Column Of Fire

A Column Of Fire by Ken Follett (Macmillan) ISBN: 978-1-5098-5715-9

The 16th Century is a period of turmoil for much of Europe. The Catholic church is in a bitter struggle with its new rival – Protestantism. But as is often the case in history the battle is less about faith and more about power.

Ned Willard is raised a protestant by an entrepreneurial mother in Kingsbridge. The love of his life is a devout young Catholic girl Margery. But Margery is betrothed to an Earl and her family is determined to ensure their prominence through the marriage. As Ned’s prospects of love become increasingly unlikely the betrayal is cemented when Margery’s family ruin Ned’s mother financially. Ned is forced to leave Kingsbridge to seek a career elsewhere.

Ken Follett’s third instalment in the Kingsbridge chronicles is a struggle of love, faith, politics, and power. Whilst Ned rises in prominence as a secret agent of the Crown, Margery and her family remain loyal to the Catholic cause. But her brother’s lust for power will cause him to go to any lengths and as the decades pass he becomes a bitter rival to Ned.

Ken Follett is a master of the sagas that span generations and A Column of Fire has it all – love, rivalry, ambition, and espionage. What makes this novel so intriguing is the history that reads like a thriller. Simply brilliant!

Wayne Bouwer

Posted on: 12th February 2018