Book Review – 65 Years of Friendship

65 Years of Friendship by George Bizos (Umuzi) ISBN: 9781415207581

George Bizos became a friend to Nelson Mandela at university, a friendship that lasted (as most of Mandela’s did) for the rest of his life. Mandela referred to George as the “father of my family”, and clearly in the many accounts of their escapades through their common education in law and resistance to the apartheid government, relationships like these were forged in fire, and left deep and lasting impressions.

This book is like that. In language appropriate to an advocate, which does make for a level of detail that won’t appeal to all, this account is accurate, carefully thought through, observed from first-hand experience, and true. Not much of what we read today, from online and media sources can fit that description. It’s powerful.

And the friendship shines on every page. Told with humour, insight and deep fondness, this is a book I will return to often, to remember the nobility of the early ANC – their goals, ideals and aspirations were paid for with personal sacrifices and lived out with passion and purpose. It’s a great pity so little of that remains today.

Bev Bouwer

Posted on: 27th November 2017