Book Review – 500 Low-Carb Dishes

by Deborah Gray (Struik Lifestyle) ISBN 978143207608

I have been looking for a recipe book that restricts the consumption of sweets and starches – not to exclude them completely from my diet, but just to get ideas on how to eat more healthily. This cook book is perfect, because it’s accessible and it will make the reader and cook aware of the delicious possibilities.

It’s an easy-to-prepare and everyday-tasty food guide. It has instructions and a picture with each recipe, and after each chapter it gives variations of the recipe. For example, you can have sticky figs with Greek yoghurt or grilled figs with goat’s cheese.

The book ranges from breakfasts, packed lunches, and sweet treats to the main event, substantial salads and complete meals. One of my favourites for a tropical start to the day is mango and raspberry lassi. Then, there are a wide variety of salads in a kilner jar, also with vegan suggestions. I have made the prosciutto-wrapped cheese-stuffed chicken breasts with lemon and parsley cauliflower rice and grandma’s baked apples for dessert. I whipped this up for a book club evening and it was a hit.

I’m going to consult this book on a daily basis. Recommended!

Pauline Vijverberg

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