42 Million Sim Card Users Can’t Be Ignored

42 Million Sim Card Users Can’t Be Ignored

Writers Write is a plain language writing resource. In this post, we tell you why 42 million sim card users can’t be ignored.

42 Million Sim Card Users Can’t Be Ignored

Simplicity in mobile marketing is the answer. Most marketing ‘thought leaders’ stumble through their advice. They use long words, and boring sentences packed with jargon. Ironically their pitch is that you should never do this. It’s time for marketing ‘gurus’ to take their own advice.

Mobile marketing is not a myth.

42 million active sim card users can’t be ignored. One out of every five Google searches in South Africa comes from a mobile phone. You need to write for this mobile market. How do you do this? Find out who you’re writing for. Make your messages fun. Respond to your audience.


  1. You need to write relevant content.
  2. You need to write and post content every day.
  3. You need to write for human beings.

Businesses continue to ignore their weakest link. Without good writing, marketing is a waste of time. You cannot negotiate with your client on a mobile device. You have to communicate what they want to hear. You have to write for an entry-level user with SMS, a more sophisticated user with MMS, the feature phone 3G user, and the smartphone user who carries a computer in his hand.

Write to the lowest common denominator. Write in plain language. This does not mean that you’re ‘dumbing’ down. It means you’re reaching your customers.

The marketing experts we tested wrote with an average 35% reading ease and average grade level of 11-12. Only 35% of their target audience – other marketing experts with these grade levels – will understand what they’re saying.

P.S. This commentary has a 70% reading ease and a Grade Level of 5. [Read  Yes, You Should Care About Readability Statistics]

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Posted on: 3rd July 2011