Book Review – 15 Seconds

 15 Seconds by Andrew Gross (Harper Collins) ISBN: 9780007296903

Amanda is an unhappy teenager. She’s high, on her way to work, when she loses control of the car she’s driving. She kills a young mother and her eight week old son.

Plastic Surgeon, Dr Henry Steadman is on his way to a medical conference in Florida. He is stopped by police for no apparent reason. He is detained and manhandled. But that’s just the beginning. A policeman is shot and he is framed for the murder.

The only person who believes he is innocent is Carrie Holmes, the woman who answers the phone when he calls the hotline set up to catch him. Amanda and Henry’s stories are linked. Aren’t they?

Intricately plotted, and perfectly paced, 15 Seconds is a gripping thriller. Clever writing, plausible twists and interesting characters elevate this story. Andrew Gross is a brilliant crime writer. I read this book in a day.

Amanda Patterson

Posted on: 15th February 2012