What Is Plain Language?

What Is Plain Language?

Writers Write is a plain language writing resource. In this post, we answer the question: What is plain language?

Plain language involves making sure that documents are written in the most direct and clear way so that readers can easily understand and use the information.

We must:

  1. Remove jargon and unnecessary official, legal or bureaucratic wording.
  2. Replace lengthy, complex sentences with concise ones.
  3. Pay attention to design and layout of documents to make them as accessible as possible.

What Is Plain Language?

Plain language is a vital tool for clear communication.

Which documents should be written in plain language?

  1. Letters, memos, emails.
  2. Reports.
  3. Policy documents.
  4. Procedure manuals.
  5. Forms.
  6. Submissions and tenders.
  7. Brochures and newsletters.
  8. Contracts.
  9. Words for the website.

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What is Plain Language? Legal Definition

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