Book Review – Unbearable Lightness

by Portia de Rossi (Simon & Schuster) ISBN 978 0 85820 411 0

Amanda Rogers, who renamed herself Portia de Rossi, faces her demons with anorexia. She literally falls apart during her first leading role in a Hollywood film.

Ever keen for the limelight, in the form of acceptance, admiration and sex appeal, Portia, at the age of twelve, begins modelling and works her way in front of the camera.

Years later she is cast as the sexy, cold lawyer, Nell Porter, in Ally McBeal. The pressures of maintaining this perfect exterior as well as hiding her undisclosed sexuality lead her down a self-destructive path. Her obsession leaves her starving herself, and she weighs only 82 pounds at one stage.

This book is honest. Many readers will easily connect with De Rossi’s struggles. It is ultimately liberating for the reader when she finally overcomes her demons.

there is much scene repetition within the plot, I understand it needs to be so. How else can you put across the extent with which she was obsessed? The writing is naked and that is why it is so appealing.

Liz Breet


Posted on: 6th November 2011