11 Types Of Sayings

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A saying is any concisely written or spoken linguistic expression that is especially memorable because of its meaning or structure.

11 Types Of Sayings

There are a number of specific types of sayings:

  1. Aphorism – A saying that contains a general, observational truth; “a pithy expression of wisdom or truth”.
  2. Cliché or bromide – An unoriginal and overused saying.
  3. Epigram – A clever and often poetic written saying that comments on a particular person, idea, or thing.
  4. Epitaph – A saying in honour of a dead person, often engraved on a headstone or plaque.
  5. Epithet – A descriptive word or saying already widely associated with a particular person, idea, or thing.
  6. Idiom – A saying that has only a non-literal interpretation; “an expression whose meaning can’t be derived simply by hearing it, such as ‘Kick the bucket.'”
  7. Mantra – A religious, mystical, or other spiritual saying that is repeated over and over, for example, in meditation.
  8. Maxim or gnome – (1) An instructional saying about a general principle or rule for behaviour; or, simply, (2) an aphorism.
  9. Motto – A saying used frequently by an individual person or group to concisely state their general outlook or intentions.
  10. Quip – A clever or funny saying based on an observation.
  11. Witticism – A saying that is clever, and also usually funny, notable for its form or style just as much as (or more than) its content.

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Posted on: 7th March 2013