Book Review – The Universe Speaks

“On the love and pain of 2012 – 2025” by Roar Sheppard (Kima Global Publishers) ISBN 978-1-920533-05-2

Roar Sheppard takes a bold step in addressing the damage we humans have wrought on our planet. From a spiritual and theological perspective, Sheppard discusses the way forward from 2012 both physically and spiritually. The Earth is running out of resources to support an ever-growing human population. Sheppard asks very specific questions and addresses things like disposable products, recycling and localising our economy.

He talks about the changes to occur when we pass through the photon belt, natural disasters, and he discusses our necessary spiritual growth. Having spent 15 years in South Korea focusing on meditation and spiritual development, Sheppard applies a deep method of meditation to communicate with spiritual entities to get answers to his questions. Sheppard explains how the coming trials and changes provide us with an opportunity to grow and connect with one another, in a way that may have been lost in a materially focused world.

With such a dense amount of information the Q and A format works perfectly. At times the book seemed full of doom and gloom, but the opportunity for us to grow and overcome was reinforced throughout. I found the book inspiring and informative.

Victoria Malakou
Posted on: 10th January 2013