Book Review – The Tower Of Bones

by Frank P. Ryan (Jo Fletcher Books) ISBN: 978-1-78087-740-2

The Tower of Bones is book 2 in the Three Powers Series. I have not read the previous book, and although I found the story difficult to follow initially, the author’s knack for  description and character development kept my interest. I was soon able to work out what had happened in the previous book. This is a measure of an author’s skill, the ability to link the storyline seamlessly.
Four friends; Kate, Alan, Mark and Mo, are in an enchanted world that has been ravaged by the Great Witch, Olc. She is hungry for power and intends to resurrect the demi god Fangorath. Olc has kidnapped Kate and is luring the powerful Alan into a trap. Alan has to use his powers wisely in order to rescue Kate from the clutches. Kate is only just learning about her purpose in the war-ravaged world of Tir. Then we have Mo and Mark who have yet to discover their role in the enchanted land.
The descriptions are rich and I was absorbed by the otherworldly descriptions of this book – so different and yet believable. It has all the elements of a fantasy story: dragons, mortals with powers, winged bat-like creatures, an evil witch, dark places, and suspense. This is a book I would love to see in film.


Posted on: 29th January 2013