Book Review – The House At Sea’s End

by Elly Griffiths (Quercus) ISBN 978-1-64916-365-1

Ruth is an archaeologist whose career is interrupted by the birth of a baby girl. Ruth is torn between her demanding job and looking after Kate.

Bones are unearthed in the sea at the foot of a sheer Norfolk cliff. Some of the skeletons have their hands tied behind their backs. Ruth and her boss, DCI Nelson, discover that the bodies are German, possibly from the last war.

As the mystery unravels there is a sense of surrealism. They discover a hidden box under the lighthouse which points them in the right direction. Every clue is in code which they have learnt to break. The murderer comes upon you suddenly. I couldn’t figure out any clues that led to him. I felt this was a weak spot in the story.

The description of the House at Sea’s End is magnificent and yet the home is crumbling under the thundering waves of the sea. Is the owner of the Sea House part of the plot? you wonder this all through the book. Nelson is a married man who finds Ruth’s intelligence matches his. Who is Kate’s father?

This is a stop start story with many characters. I did somehow manage to read to the end.

Dee Andrew


Posted on: 6th November 2011