The Emails I Love

 Dear Amanda

I love receiving emails from Writers Write graduates. I especially love the ones where writers tell me they have found an agent, have signed a publishing contract, or have books that have just been published. The last few weeks were full of these.

Dear Amanda,

I am just writing to inform you that my first book, The Realms of Nor: The Stones of Nor, is being released next week on 29 February 2012 after 10 years or hard work.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and my tutors at Writers Write for giving me the tools, encouragement and guidance that has led me to this momentous and phenomenal achievement. Your help has been invaluable and incredibly instrumental. Without you I know I would not be where I am today.

So again THANK YOU immensely for everything you have done for me.

Many Thanks

Kind Regards

Grant Gurney


Hello Amanda

I hope you are well and business flourishing. You will be happy to know that I am (finally!) writing a book. Nearly done, and I have a contract with Pan Macmillan. It’s not what I thought I’d write – it is a humorous book, based on a fictional agony aunt who solves everyday dilemmas with sardonic advice and recipes – but I guess you never know what will come out of you head!

Warm wishes

Kate Sidley


Congratulations to these six Writers Write graduates:

  1. Gabi Cutayar – Deadly Obsession (Amazon Media)
  2. Grant Gurney – The Realms of Nor: The Stones of Nor (Austin & Macauley Publishers Ltd.)
  3. Jenn Pretious Koh – Zindi’s Journey who has signed a contract with Hay House
  4. Kate Sidley who has signed a contract with Pan Macmillan
  5. Sam Manty – Finger Dancing (Austin & Macauley Publishers Ltd.)
  6. Liesel Schwarz who has found an agent to represent her brilliant writing

I am sure I’ve left so many people off this list by mistake. Please continue to update me. We’ve lost count of the numbers.

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Posted on: 1st March 2012