Book Review – The Eleventh Day

The Ultimate Account of 9/11 by Anthony Summers & Robert Swan (Doubleday) ISBN 978-0-385-61282-1

The whole world watched as the twin towers in America were attacked by daredevil aeroplanes that destroyed each building, leaving thick smoke and fire in their wake. People were shocked as workers jumped out of the burning buildings.  Pedestrians fleeing on the ground had to avoid the “jumpers” landing on them.

The terrible attacks sent shockwaves around that world that reverberate to this day. The book is so well researched but in spite of the facts in front of them, there remains a feeling of mystery about the 9/11 attacks. Were there more countries involved than was thought? Could someone have prevented what happened, if they’d take notice beforehand?

The stairs to freedom in the buildings were hampered by thick smoke.  People were burnt alive.  Why did President Bush carry on with the class of children when he had been informed of the darkest disaster to befall his country? What were the motives behind the attacks? There are answers and no answers.

When Osama Bin Laden was finally captured and killed, there were no answers. The World Trade Centre, The Pentagon and a quiet field in Pennsylvania were the endings of the madmen.

This book is as shocking as the day the disasters happened. Families will never be the same. The overwhelming grief is too much to bear. This book says it all as it was.

Dee Andrew


Posted on: 6th November 2011