Book Review – The Bomber

by Liza Marklund (Bantam Press) ISBN: 9780593067949

A woman in charge in a male dominated environment impacts people in different ways. This premise connects the author, the hero, the victims and the perpetrator in The Bomber, Liza Marklund’s first novel featuring Annika Bengtzon, crime reporter.

An explosion takes place in the Olympic Stadium that has been built in preparation for the Swedish Olympics. The deadly victim is the Head of the Olympic Committee. Where most people believe it to be a terrorist attack against the Olympics, Annika suspects it is a personal attack.

When a second bomb explodes at another Olympic venue, killing another Committee employee, Annika seems to be on the wrong track. At least that is what her male colleagues at the Evening Post like to rub in. But if she’s on the wrong track then why does she become the bomber’s next target?

While getting to grips with this story Annika is juggling the demands of family life with the pressure of being newly in charge of the crime desk much to the chagrin of some colleagues. Marklund’s newspaper experience shines through in the book, making Annika’s exploits feel real.

The story is smart and fast-paced. More than by the woman-in-charge angle, I was intrigued by how the author deals with the concept of victim turning perpetrator turning victim. An enjoyable read.

Josine Overdevest

Posted on: 14th March 2012