How To Write A Short Story

Short Cuts – How To Write A Short Story

Short Cuts Writing Workshop

We will show you how to write a short story. We will give you a plot recipe that you can use all the time.

When? No in-person date available. Join us for Short Cuts ONLINE
Where? Dunkeld North, Johannesburg
How long? 09:00 – 16:00

To Book? Mail Please include the name of the course you are interested in attending.

[If you can’t join us in Johannesburg, click here: Short Cuts ONLINE]

Join Us For Short Cuts.

Learn the recipe, apply it, and leave the workshop with a completed outline for your story.

What you said about the course:

Excellent content. Excellent facilitator. I really feel that I will be able to achieve what I set out to do. ~Carrie

Methodical, well-structured, detailed – yet easy to comprehend. Anthony was friendly, relaxed, confident, approachable and encouraging. ~Angela

Beautiful venue. Great course. Approachable, experienced facilitator. ~Rudy

I thoroughly enjoyed all the content. 5/5 ~Nicolette

I found the course very helpful and I’m motivated to become more serious about my writing. ~Danae

Filled with great tips. Writers Write courses never fail to deliver. ~Maria

The practical nature is extremely helpful. The non-threatening approach allows one to accept valuable guidance. I am inspired to write a story; more importantly, I believe it can be done. ~Colleen

I am equipped with the skills to write a short story. Thank you. ~Castro

We have compiled a selection of our favourite Short Story Quotes for you to enjoy.