Book Review – Recipes from the Hearth

Recipes from the Hearth by Francois Ferreira & Gwynne Conlyn (Jacana)

This book is more than a recipe book with delicious South African dishes; it is a tribute to the icons and celebrities of this country. From sportsmen and businesswomen to the former Miss South Africa and Bishop Tutu, they all share their story and their favourite recipe in the spirit of Ubuntu.
‘Wars, joys and laughter, weather conditions and available ingredients are tied up in food’, says Cass Abrahams, a Malay culinary and cultural activist who features with her signature recipe, a smoorsnoek bundle. The diversity of the South Africans is also shown by a 2000 year old recipe from the Khoikhoi, Rooibos Carpaccio with Sorrel-Buttermilk sauce.
Each recipe comes with a picture of the icon and their dish with a picture on how to prepare and assemble the food. The recipes are simple, quick and easy to make. Brownies from the Tasting Room in Franschhoek, Fish soufflé by Pam Golding and Gary Player’s Pear and Goat’s Cheese Salad were my favourites.
The book is a perfect gift for visiting friends or for those who want to cherish the memories of South African people and dishes. As Pam Golding urges, ‘strive to achieve but never neglect the hearth’.

Pauline Vijverberg

Posted on: 6th November 2011

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