Literary Birthday – 7 June – Gwendolyn Brooks

Gwendolyn Brooks was born 7 June 1917 and died 3 December 2000.

Gwendolyn Brooks Quotes

  1. Reading is important – read between the lines. Don’t swallow everything.
  2. Truth-tellers are not always palatable. There is a preference for candy bars.
  3. Words can do wonderful things. They pound, purr. They can urge, they can wheedle, whip, whine. They can sing, sass, singe. They can churn, check, channelize. They can be a “Hup two three four.” They can forge a fiery army of a hundred languid men.
  4. Writing is a delicious agony.
  5. I felt that I had to write. Even if I had never been published, I knew that I would go on writing, enjoying it and experiencing the challenge.
  6. Poetry is life distilled.
  7. I am a writer perhaps because I am not a talker.

Gwendolyn Brooks was an American poet, author, and teacher. Her work often dealt with the personal celebrations and struggles of ordinary people in her community. She won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for Annie Allen, making her the first African American to receive the Pulitzer. In 1968 she was named the poet laureate of Illinois. Her works are available in The Essential Gwendolyn Brooks.

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by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 6th June 2020