Jill McCorkle

Literary Birthday – 7 July – Jill McCorkle

Happy Birthday, Jill McCorkle, born 7 July 1958.


  1. I feel very protective in the first draft, when all the pieces are coming together. I work in a way that is not linear or chronological at all, even with the short story. I will just be writing bits and pieces, and then when I have all the pieces on the table, that for me is when it feels like the real work begins.
  2. For me, a happy ending is not everything works out just right and there is a big bow, it’s more coming to a place where a person has a clear vision of his or her own life in a way that enables them to kind of throw down their crutches and walk.
  3. Building a dollhouse is a lot like writing a novel because you are God of the Universe.

Jill McCorkle is an American short story writer and novelist. Five of her books have been named New York Times notable books. She is the author of Life After Life and The Cheer Leader.

Source for quotes / Source for image: Via Jill McCorkle’s publishers, Credit Tom Rankin

by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 7th July 2019