Literary Birthday – 5 February – Herman Charles Bosman

Herman Charles Bosman was born 5 February 1905 and died 14 October 1951.

Three Quotes

  1. For it is not the story that counts. What matters is the way you tell it. The important thing is to know just at what moment you must knock out your pipe on your veldskoen, and at what stage of the story you must start talking about the School Committee at Drogevlei. Another necessary thing is to know what part of the story to leave out… And you can never learn these things.
  2. Leopards? – Oom Schalk Lourens said – Oh yes, there are two varieties on this side of the Limpopo.  The chief difference between them is that one kind of a leopard has a few more spots on it than the other kind.  But when you meet a leopard in the veld, unexpectedly, you seldom trouble  to count his spots to find out what kind he belongs to.  That is unnecessary.  Because whatever leopard it is that you come across in this way, you only do one kind of running.  And that is the fastest kind.
  3. They are trying to make Johannesburg respectable to make us lose our sense of pride that our forebears were a lot of roughnecks who knew nothing about culture and who came here to look for gold.

Herman Charles Bosman was a South African writer. He is regarded as the country’s greatest short-story writer. He is the author of the memoir, Cold Stone Jug, and Mafeking Road: and Other Stories.

Source for Image  Unknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 3rd February 2014