Faye Kellerman

Literary Birthday – 31 July – Faye Kellerman

Happy Birthday, Faye Kellerman, born 31 July 1952

Five Quotes

  1. I write to entertain. And if the reader finds my religion interesting, that’s a bonus.
  2. Every writer essentially deals with three books – the one that’s being published, the one that is being actively written, and the one that’s being conceived. That’s a lot of mental juggling.
  3. Inspiration is all around, but I must tell you that a lot of my material comes from having a warped imagination. I start thinking about scary things and just run with it.  Inspiration, by the way, is just a small part of it. All the hard work comes from fleshing out your ideas and trying to make each word count.
  4. I really do try to imbue my books with a little bit of style. Crime novels are the perfect vehicle to propel the plot. They usually have beginnings, middles, and ends and a tremendous sense of satisfaction. I like seeing justice done. I can’t fix real life but if I choose, I can do it in fiction.
  5. To unwind, I exercise, I read, I watch TV and I love to garden. There is something so utterly gratifying watching things grow. I love roses and I love my herb garden and I have a mini-orchard at the back of my property.

Faye Kellerman is an American author of crime fiction novels. Her New York Times bestselling mysteries feature the husband-and-wife team of Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus. The series began with The Ritual Bath.  There are over 20 million copies of Faye Kellerman’s novels in print internationally. She is married to author Jonathan Kellerman.

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Posted on: 31st July 2013