Timothy Findley

Literary Birthday – 30 October – Timothy Findley

Timothy Findley was born 30 October 1930, and died 21 June 2002.

Five Quotes

  1. Literature was intended to be dangerous – art was meant to be dangerous – ideas were nothing if they were not dangerous.
  2. People can only be found in what they do.
  3. Everyone wants to know what people look like. Somehow it seems to say so much about a person’s possibilities.
  4. He said that in a way being loved is like being told you never have to die.
  5. The writer cannot see the mass, as such, because the writer never looks to see the mass; the writer looks to see the parts- and the writer looks at every part and every person; each of them alone.

Timothy Findley was a Canadian novelist and playwright. He wrote 10 novels, a memoir, three collections of short stories, plays, and screenplays including the 1981 movie version of The Wars. He received numerous awards including the Officer of the Order of Canada.

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Posted on: 30th October 2013