Dominick Dunne

Literary Birthday – 29 October – Dominick Dunne

Dominick Dunne was born 29 October 1925, and died 26 August 2009.

Five Quotes

  1. People are fascinated by the rich: Shakespeare wrote plays about kings, not beggars.
  2. I realised the power writing has, and it has also helped me deal with my rage. It gave me a lifelong commitment not to be afraid to speak out about injustice.
  3. I spend my mornings going through my mail and all that stuff with my assistant and then in the afternoons I write. When I’m in the country, I write all day. At the end of each day, I plan what I’m going to write the next day and read and correct.
  4. I’m sick of being asked to weep for killers. We’ve lost our sense of outrage.
  5. I’m a very hard worker even though I go out all the time. I love it when my sons say to me, ‘Dad, you can slow down a little bit now.’ I never want to slow down, I’ll be doing this until the last day.

Dominick Dunne was an American writer and investigative journalist. He wrote stories of shocking crimes among the rich and famous through his magazine articles in magazines such as Vanity Fair and in best-selling novels such as The Two Mrs. GrenvillesPeople Like Us and An Inconvenient Woman.

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Posted on: 29th October 2013