John Hollander

Literary Birthday – 28 October – John Hollander

John Hollander was born 28 October 1929, and died 17 August 2013

Five Quotes

  1. Great poems are all fables about life.
  2. A good poem satisfies the ear. It creates a story or picture that grabs you, informs you and entertains you.
  3. I try to teach writers how to teach themselves.
  4. A short [poem] will be written quickly, at one sitting, usually under an hour. A really long one may take over two years.
  5. I always write in longhand, and I revise when I type.

John Hollander was an American poet and literary critic who was Sterling Professor Emeritus of English at Yale University. ‘His verse reflected deep knowledge of poetic forms and wide-ranging interests.’ He was awarded the Frost Medal from the Poetry Society of America in 2007.

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by Amanda Patterson

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