Nicholas Christopher

Literary Birthday – 28 February – Nicholas Christopher

Happy Birthday, Nicholas Christopher, born 28 February 1952.


  1. I write daily, whether at home or travelling.
  2. I believe in incredible transformations, in the notion that there are things beyond our ken that can come into our lives and alter them.
  3. To me, the fantastic… is a way of getting at what’s most real, at the essence of things. How else do you explain miraculous events? And the world is full of miraculous events on a daily basis.
  4. My training as a poet, and the fact I write and publish poetry as steadily as I ever did, have helped me to strive always for precision and economy in my novels, no matter how dense or complex the subject matter.
  5. When I am writing, I concentrate on bringing to life my scenes with the strongest, and hopefully freshest, possible details. The colours of objects, clothing, places, etc. are all integral, in my mind, to presenting them three-dimensionally to the reader. Writing without colours, for me, would be like painting without different pigments.

Nicholas Christopher is an American novelist and poet. His six novels are: Tiger Rag, The Soloist, Veronica, A Trip to the Stars, Franklin Flyer, and The Bestiary. He has written eight books of poetry, including Crossing the Equator; and a book on film noir, Somewhere in the Night.

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 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 27th February 2020