Sharon Bolton

Literary Birthday – 27 May – Sharon Bolton

Happy Birthday, Sharon Bolton, born 27 May 1960.

Eight Quotes

  1. Our names are an integral part of the faces we show to the world. If we’re judged first on outward appearances, we’re assessed next on our names.
  2. I learned the hard way that people are quick to judge, will jump at the chance of a cheap ego boost at another’s expense.
  3. Crime writers adore islands. We love the sense of being trapped within a community apart, where normal codes of behaviour, if not ignored, can be allowed to slip.
  4. On the advice of my U.K. publishers, I chose a sexless anonymity and published my first five books under the semi-pseudonym, S. J. Bolton. I was happy. I could hide behind a genderless, classless persona and let my creepy, psychological murder-mysteries speak for themselves.
  5. Whenever I find myself in an exceptionally beautiful environment, I can’t help asking myself – what lies beneath? I’m fascinated by the idea of a perfect surface concealing a rotten core.
  6. If you have to choose between terrible grief and terrible guilt, I think grief is easier, in the end.
  7. There are times when just waking up can feel like the hardest thing anyone could ever ask you to do. The first morning after your child has died, perhaps. Or after the man you adore has walked out. You would give anything, certainly the rest of your life, to stay down in the darkness of not knowing.
  8. On an island, anything can happen. In a crime novel, it usually does.

Sharon Bolton is an English author of mystery fiction who has also been published under the name S.J. Bolton. Her latest novel is Daisy In Chains.

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Posted on: 27th May 2018