Angelica Garnett

Literary Birthday – 25 December – Angelica Garnett

Angelica Garnett was born 25 December 1918 and died 4 May 2012.

Three Quotes

  1. Everyone has a certain difficulty in growing up, even my children, although I’ve been a good mother. I’m still not grown up in some ways compared with other people I know.
  2. For you, this is only a story, neither short nor long — something to be read and then forgotten, or at best put away in some dusty corner of the mind, whether or not to be brought out again, only you can tell. But for me it was a real event, or series of events.
  3. My dream of the perfect father — unrealised — possessed me, and has done so for the rest of my life. My marriage was but a continuation of it, and almost engulfed me.

Angelica Garnett was a British writer, painter, and artist. She was the author of the memoir Deceived with Kindness, an account of her experience growing up at the heart of the Bloomsbury Group.

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Harvard Theatre Collection, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 25th December 2014