Literary Birthday – 24 March – Jo Shapcott

Happy Birthday, Jo Shapcott, born 24 March 1953.

Three Quotes 

  1. A lot of things jostle in my notebook, things that I have overheard, or heard about. In all the jostling are ideas that can link, form a new kind of emotional truth, a different kind of truth than just simply the facts.
  2. I am very curious as a writer, as a person. Whatever it is that is happening, there’s nothing that’s not interesting. Every experience is fascinating.
  3. I have a load of courses under my belt. The artist should be curious about everything. As for scientists, look how often they rely on analogy and metaphor to explain complex ideas. Look at the term ‘string theory’.

Jo Shapcott is an English poet, editor, and lecturer. She has won the National Poetry Competition twice, the Commonwealth Poetry Prize for Electroplating the Baby, and the Costa Book of the Year Award for Of Mutability.

Source for photograph Photo credit: Rachel Shapcott

by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 24th March 2016