Literary Birthday – 23 February – John Sandford

Happy Birthday, John Sandford, born 23 February 1944.

Three Quotes

  1. When you’re building a character, or at least when I’m building a character, you start saying, ‘How am I going to make people like him?’
  2. With most of my books, I’ll actually go out and look at the setting. If you describe things carefully, it kind of makes the scene pop.
  3. They don’t have a lot of crime in the countryside other than theft. But every once in a while, things turn ugly, and when they turn ugly, they turn very ugly.

John Sandford, whose real name is John Roswell Camp, is an American novelist and former Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. He is best known for his series of Prey novels featuring Lucas Davenport. The first novel, published in 1989, was Rules of Prey.

by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 23rd February 2014