Literary Birthday – 22 July – Pete Dexter

Happy Birthday, Pete Dexter, born 22 July 1943.


  1. There is a fine line between stubborn and stupid.
  2. And while good books – even so-so books – serve both functions, if you ever have to choose one over the other, keep in mind that a book that entertains without enlightening can still be a guilty pleasure, but a book that enlightens without entertaining is algebra.
  3. Nothing looks more foolish than tradition to those who have none.
  4. I usually try to get what would amount to a newspaper column of work every day, and then I go back and fix it the next day and then write another one. That’s about 800, 900 words.
  5. I don’t plot things ahead. I just rub two sticks together and get the least little bit of heat, and then I’ll see where it goes.
  6. The best lines that you write, at least sometimes, are the truest lines, and they’ll sometimes startle you when they come out. And to get to that place, where things are really true, is often uncomfortable.

Pete Dexter is an American novelist. He won the U.S. National Book Award in 1988 for his novel Paris Trout. He is the author of six other novels which won several prizes such as the Penn West Award for Best Novel of the Year and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. In 2007, he published Paper Trails, a compilation of newspaper columns. His screenplays include Rush and Mulholland Falls.

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Posted on: 21st July 2021