Thomas Mallon

Literary Birthday – 2 November – Thomas Mallon

Happy Birthday, Thomas Mallon, born 2 November 1951.

Five Quotes

  1. I’ve long been interested in the role of ‘minor characters‘ in major events. This has been the focus of a lot of the fiction and nonfiction I’ve written.
  2. One’s politics are part of one even when one is writing. But if I want to say anything about the state of civil society, I will write an essay. The responsibilities you feel as a novelist are literary ones, I think, not civic ones. And I think politicians are interesting to write about.
  3. My prescription for writer’s block is to face the fact that there is no such thing…. Writing well is difficult, but one can always write something. And then, with a lot of work, make it better. It’s a question of having enough will and ambition, not of hoping to evade this mysterious hysteria people are always talking about.
  4. Letters had always defeated distance, but with the coming of email, time seemed to be vanquished as well.
  5. I’ve always got a novel under way, but if I try to work on it every day, exclusively, I falter. So I always keep more than one thing going.

Thomas Mallon is an American novelist, essayist, and critic. He is the author of nine books of fiction, including Henry And Clara, Two Moons, and Finale: A Novel of the Reagan Years.

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 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 1st November 2017