Esther Freud

Literary Birthday – 2 May – Esther Freud

Happy Birthday, Esther Freud, born 2 May 1963.

Esther Freud Quotes

  1. Writing fiction, which is what I love to do, is like losing yourself in a secret world.
  2. I write every morning and if for some reason I am not able to get to my desk, I feel restless and uneasy. I used to be more impatient, always dreaming of the day when I’d finish a book, but as my life has become busier I value the slow unfolding of a novel that might take several years to write.
  3. Everything is a little bit autobiographical, that’s always for me what makes it interesting. I know some writers would be more defensive, but what draws me to a subject needs to come from a personal place.
  4. My father showed me that you could make incredible things through sheer hard work. You could make something beautiful by working very, very hard. As a child I never saw him unless he was painting, he was always working, his clothes covered in paint. My mother showed me you didn’t need money, you didn’t need a home, you could have a good life just with sheer perseverance and courage.
  5. Writing is a good thing for a mother. It focuses your time and you can do both.
  6. Language is everything when you are writing, it’s the key. It’s the language, it’s the rhythm. I read it aloud to myself so I can believe it. I cut it to make it clean, to have energy. That’s what I try and teach my students, to read it to see what you don’t need, and cut it to bring the sentence alive. I like to make every sentence alive.

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Esther Freud is an English writer. She was named as one of the 20 ‘Best of Young British Novelists’ by Granta magazine. She is the author of Hideous Kinky and Mr Mac and Me. She is also the co-founder of the women’s theatre company Norfolk Broads.

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by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 2nd May 2016