Literary Birthday – 19 July – Thulani Davis

Happy Birthday, Thulani Davis, born 19 July 1949.

Three Quotes

  1. Being a poet is the only real foundation for being able to move from prose to theatre, or story to opera. Being a poet makes it easy to edit your own articles, to keep cutting the rhetoric even when it sounds really good. Being a poet makes it enjoyable to write a film, which is exquisitely economical–for a prose writer, film could be excruciating. Being a poet is to understand that words can convey ideas and music, but writing in an American voice allows you to play percussion as well. (via)
  2. You don’t know what love is until someone lives with you while you write a book.
  3. What black culture — growing up in it, writing about it — taught me was never to assume that we live in a completely open, transparent world. My schoolteachers taught me how to read the newspaper with scepticism. We were told to imagine what is missing, what is not reported. I’m amazed sometimes at the questions people do not ask. Journalism was a great business to be in. I miss it to this day. I want my students to be sceptical. I want them to look for connections.

Thulani Davis is an American playwright, journalist, librettist, novelist, poet, and screenwriter. She is the author of The Maker of Saints.

by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 19th July 2017