Ellen Meister

Literary Birthday – 18 November – Ellen Meister

Happy Birthday, Ellen Meister, born 18 November.


  1. I was an English major with an emphasis on creative writing, and my goal was to become a novelist after graduation. I am, however, the greatest living procrastinator (do they give awards for that?) and I managed to put it off for about thirty years.
  2. Don’t fight your ambitions, embrace them. Ambitions are good; they will keep you striving. Just don’t measure your worth by whether you meet your goals. Because I guarantee that no matter how much success you achieve, you’ll keep the raising the bar, and will always feel like that shining, tantalising, exquisite prize is beyond your reach.
  3. So love what you do, kick envy into the back alley where it belongs, and once in a while remember to appreciate how far you’ve come … not in your career, but in your writing.

Ellen Meister is an American writer. She is the author of Farewell, Dorothy ParkerThe Smart One, and Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA. She teaches creative writing at Hofstra University Continuing Education. Follow her on Twitter: @EllenMeister

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Posted on: 18th November 2019