Literary Birthday – 18 February – Frances Osborne

Happy Birthday, Frances Osborne, born 18 February 1969.

Three Quotes

  1. The best writing advice anyone has ever given me was to get a first draft down and then edit and re edit afterwards, and then re edit again, and again…
  2. I am not sure that writers learn writing ‘from the blood’. If they do learn writing from their family it is from being brought up in a world of writers. I was very lucky in that my father was always writing for the newspapers, and wrote books. I also grew up in the bookish world of Hay on Wye.
  3. I have the plot mapped out but as the characters develop they often take the plot in quite a different direction.

Frances Osborne is a British author of two biographies, Lilla’s Feast and The Bolter, and one novel, Park Lane.

 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 18th February 2014