Lucy Worsley

Literary Birthday – 18 December – Lucy Worsley

Happy Birthday, Lucy Worsley, born 18 December 1973.


  1. Many argue that the twentieth century’s council estates have had disastrous social consequences. People in poverty feel, and indeed actually grow, poorer if forced to live in a sink estate, while the middle classes flee to their own leafy ghettoes outside city centres. A successful ‘place’ mixes up the different groups in society, forcing them to mingle and to look out for each other.
  2. I was interested in this very young queen, and intrigued by her motivation. Historians have usually depicted her as a silly little harlot, but I thought there might be a different motivation for her actions. I couldn’t find enough evidence for my argument to write a work on non-fiction, and so I turned to storytelling instead! I greatly enjoyed writing for girls (the book is aimed at pre-teens) because I read historical novels growing up.
  3. Heaven to me is a lovely new book and a cup of tea.

Lucy Worsley is an English historian, author, curator, and television presenter. She is best known as a presenter of BBC Television series on historical topics. Her book, The Art of the English Murder, is was based on the series. Worsley published her debut children’s novel, Eliza Rose, about a young noble girl in a Tudor Court and a biography of Jane Austen titled Jane Austen at Home: A Biography.

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Posted on: 18th December 2016