Máire Fisher

Literary Birthday – 17 May – Máire Fisher

Happy Birthday, Máire Fisher, born 17 May 1958.

Three Quotes

  1. Read your work aloud. What seems/sounds fine as you write it, often clunks when you read it aloud. Sometimes it’s just one word dragging a sentence down. When you read aloud you’ll hear it.
  2. Contain your writing. It’s fine to let a few trusted friends/fellow writers in on your story, but try not to tell everyone and his brother what you’re writing. The more you tell your story, the less fresh it will be and (very likely) the less you want to write it.
  3. I like writing alone, and do so often, but a good way of committing a set time to writing is to make writing dates. Meet with a friend and write together. Some people hate this idea. I like the energy generated when I write with someone else or in a group.

Máire Fisher is a South African freelance writer, editor, and author. Birdseye is her first novel.

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Posted on: 17th May 2015