Literary Birthday – 17 February – Meena Alexander

Meena Alexander was born 17 February 1951 and died 21 November 2018.


  1. The act of writing, it seems to me, makes up a shelter, allows space to what would otherwise be hidden, crossed out, mutilated. Sometimes writing can work toward a reparation, making a sheltering space for the mind. Yet it feeds off ruptures, tears in what might otherwise seem a seamless, oppressive fabric.
  2. In the poem, there is always that present moment which is terribly important through which memory works.
  3. I think of cyberspace, which is no place at all, as akin to the dark imaginary out of which poems come, their rhythms, their discrete music punctuating the inner life.

Meena Alexander was an Indian poet, scholar, and writer. Raised in India and Sudan, Alexander lived and worked in New York City. She was the author of numerous collections of poetry (including Indian Love Poems), literary memoirs (including Fault Lines), essays, and works of fiction and literary criticism. She explored language, memory, and the significance of place in her writing.

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by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 16th February 2020