Literary Birthday – 16 September – John Knowles

John Knowles was born 16 September 1926, and died 29 November 2001.

Six Quotes

  1. Nothing endures. Not a tree. Not love. Not even death by violence.
  2. It is a sad day when one looks back and sees that his largest regrets have become some of the most integral elements of his dreams.
  3. There was no harm in taking aim, even if the target was a dream.
  4. You have to do what you think is the right thing, but just make sure it’s the right thing in the long run, and not just for the moment.
  5. Everything has to evolve or else it perishes.
  6. In life, it’s the look ahead that counts. We are all born equally far from the sun. There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love.

John Knowles was an American novelist who won the William Faulkner Award and the Rosenthal Award of the National Institute of Arts and Letters. He was best known for writing A Separate Peace. Other works include Phineas and Peace Breaks Out.

by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 16th September 2014