Jennifer Niven

Literary Birthday – 14 May – Jennifer Niven

Happy Birthday, Jennifer Niven, born 14 May 1968.


  1. Write. Read. Write. Read. Work hard. Remember to enjoy it. Don’t forget to play and have fun with your words.
  2. Write the thing you’re burning to write. Don’t be afraid of writing twaddle, as Katherine Mansfield said. ‘But better far write twaddle or anything, anything, than nothing at all.’
  3. Learn to love editing, or at least accept it as one of the most important parts of the process.
  4. I was lucky enough to grow up with a writer mom, so I saw first-hand how difficult and stressful and unpredictable the business was. I also saw the commitment it took. I’m grateful for that because I think so many people go into the business of writing with unrealistic expectations — not realising that it is, in fact, a business, and that you have to be ready and willing to do it in spite of everything else.
  5. My other advice is to write what inspires you. Write what you love.

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Jennifer Niven is an American author who writes both fiction and non-fiction books. Her novels for adults include American Blonde and Becoming Clementine. Her first book for young adult readers, All the Bright Places, was published in 2015. Her nonfiction books include The Ice Master and The Aqua-Net Diaries.

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Posted on: 14th May 2018