Dalene Matthee

Literary Birthday – 13 October – Dalene Matthee

Dalene Matthee was born 13 October 1938 and died 20 February 2005.


  1. One always writes for that one person who knows more than you do.
  2. But memories got left behind while you kept walking on; every time you had to retrace your steps further to return to your memories, and sometimes it was better not to turn back at all.
  3. The longer you explore a rain forest, the more captivating it becomes, and all the time it’s mysteries deepen.

Dalene Matthee was a South African author best known for her Forest Novels, which were set in and around Knysna. The most famous title of these is Circles In A Forest, a novel about the extermination of the elephants and the exploitation of the woodcutters of the Knysna forest. Her books have been translated into fourteen languages, and over a million copies have been sold worldwide. You can read a 1984 interview from Fair Lady here.

Source for image: Dalene Matthee

 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 13th October 2018