Lady Caroline Lamb

Literary Birthday – 13 November – Lady Caroline Lamb

Lady Caroline Lamb was born 13 November 1785 and died 25 January 1828.


  1. There is nothing so difficult to describe as happiness. Whether some feeling of envy enters into the mind upon hearing of it, or whether it is so calm, so unassuming, so little ostentatious in itself, that words give an imperfect idea of it, I know not. It is easier to enjoy it, than define it. …and is oftener found at home, when home has not been embittered by dissensions, suspicions and guilt, than any where else upon earth. Yes, it is in home and in those who watch there for us.
  2. Nature formed me fierce.
  3. It is said there is no happiness, and no love to be compared to that which is felt for the first time. Most persons erroneously think so; but love like other arts requires experience, and terror and ignorance, on its first approach, to prevent our feeling it as strongly as at a later period.
  4. It is the common failing of an ambitious mind to over-rate itself.
  5. I possessed what is called the best of hearts — a dangerous possession, as it is generally accompanied by the strongest passions, and the weakest judgement.
  6. My life has not been the best possible. The slave of impulse, I have rushed forward to my own destruction.

Lady Caroline Lamb was an Anglo-Irish aristocrat and novelist, best known for her work Glenarvon, a Gothic novel. She is also known for her affair with Lord Byron in 1812. Byron described Caroline as “the cleverest most agreeable, absurd, amiable, perplexing, dangerous fascinating little being that lives now…” She published three novels, two parodies of Byron’s poetry, several poems, and a number of songs.

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Thomas Lawrence, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 12th November 2020