Nicola Morgan

Literary Birthday – 11 November – Nicola Morgan

Happy Birthday, Nicola Morgan, born 11 November 1961.


  1. Punctuation is a fabulous tool for controlling your reader – you even get to control where they breathe. That’s what I call power!
  2. The lives and deaths of characters in stories and poems, however tragic, help us to learn about the world and – if we are brave enough – to change it.
  3. How impossibly untangleable is the tangle of what ifs.
  4. It is not what we do that is important. It is why we do it.
  5. Whoever I’m writing or talking for, I love it and I do it because I care and because I understand. And because I want things to be better.
  6. When I write, I use an engaging, warm voice that works for people of all ages. You’ll never find me patronising or confusing. When I talk, you’ll find the same.

Nicola Morgan is a British author. She is best known for her novel, Mondays are Red. She is one of the leading writers for teenagers, an award-winning novelist, and an expert in the teenage brain and mental health. She has won several awards, including the Scottish Children’s Book of the Year twice. Other books include Write a Great Synopsis – An Expert Guide and Dear Agent – Write the Letter That Sells Your Book.

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Posted on: 10th November 2020