Kathy Lette

Literary Birthday – 11 November – Kathy Lette

Happy Birthday, Kathy Lette, born 11 November 1958.


  1. On the up side, writing a funny book is so much cheaper than therapy.
  2. A comic writer can always impale enemies on the end of a pen.
  3. Men always say that women can’t tell jokes. Of course, this might be because we marry them.
  4. All writers need some constructive criticism – especially if you’re writing comedy. How do you know if it’s funny? My very scientific and high-tech test is to make an observation at the dinner table. If my female friends laugh, I write it down.
  5. Satires are like sausages – you really don’t want to know what goes into making them.
  6. I just write down the way women talk when there are no men around.
  7. If you really want to be a comic writer, your most important assignment is to think of a witty epithet. Spike Milligan’s was: ‘I told you I was sick.’ I think mine will be: ‘Finally – a good plot.’
  8. Satirists are notoriously hopeless at handling money. We tend to spend half the time worrying about addition, half the time worrying about division and half the time worrying about subtraction.

Kathy Lette is an Australian-British author who has written a number of bestselling books. She is the author of Mad Cows (which was made into a film starring Joanna Lumley and Anna Friel), How to Kill Your Husband and Other Handy Household Hints (recently staged by the Victorian Opera, Australia), To Love, Honour And Betray, and The Boy Who Fell To Earth.

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Posted on: 11th November 2019